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Computer LadyThe 1990’s

This is my 1990’s web site. This site was built on a Dell Dimension 3000 running Windows 98SE and using NetObjects Fusion 7. The Dell is running a Pentium 4 CPU with 512 MB of RAM and a 220GB SSD that is split into two partitions and connected via a $20 IDE to SATA adapter (the original 80GB HDD died). It is equipped with a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5500 with 256 MB of RAM and a Soundblaster 16 PCI card (good sound card for Windows, bad for DOS games likely due to being PCI).

We have since moved the site maintenance to Windows XP and NetObjects Fusion 10 on a virtual machine to take advantage of some versioning features of Fusion and the better anti-alias text features of Windows XP. I could have used NetObjects Fusion 9 on Windows 98SE/ME because it has the versioning feature too, but the anti-aliasing of text on Windows ME is so poor (at least under NetObjects Fusion) I could not publish the site under ME because the fonts on the buttons and the banners looked so jagged. I just could not publish that way. So, using XP + Fusion 10 will help save time updating the site and keeping it looking it’s best, while also preserving the web site presentation style of the 90’s as we continue to use Fusion for site maintenance.

Purpose of This Site

The main purpose of this site is to revisit some of the media and topics from the 90’s. I have done my best to maintain this site in a way that older systems connected to the Internet can actually access that information. So there is no SSL requirement here. And you should always be able to read this site on your 90’s era retro system. I even tested this site on Windows 3.1 using Internet Explorer version 5.0 and it works just fine.

Oh yeah, the other purpose of this site is . . . just to have some fun. Send us your comments or requests on what you would like to see here and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Computer Fun



ComputerGuyAbout NetObjects Fusion (WikiPedia)

NetObjects Fusion (NOF) is a web design tool, from 1996 to 2001 developed and distributed by NetObjects, Inc., marketed from 2001 until 2009 by (former called Website Pros), which acquired the application in 2001, and from July 2009 on distributed again by the reestablished NetObjects, Inc.

NetObjects Fusion has a graphical user interface and generates HTML or (since release 11) XHTML through its own proprietary database.


The origin of NetObjects Fusion reaches back to the 1980s. At Apple Computer, Samir Arora, David Kleinberg and Sal Arora did research in early information navigation applications before the term "browser" was born and Mosaic was invented.

Development was transferred to the new-founded company Rae Technology, a spin-off from Apple Computer. At Rae, the two Arora brothers and David Kleinberg developed an object-oriented environment called SOLO (Structure of Linked Objects), which is the technological basis of NetObjects Fusion.

NetObjects, Inc. was founded in 1995 with an initial investment by Rae Technology to complete development of NetObjects Fusion.

Read more at: WikiPedia (retro friendly link) | Original Link


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